To get around in Israel in a taxi, it’s best to use Gett Taxi, which you can download on your phone as an app. It is cheaper than using a normal taxi. Note that Uber is not commonly used around Israel due to security concerns.

For long distance trips, there are very comfortable buses or trains.

You can download Gett Taxi by clicking the icons below.

App Store
Google Play

You can also use a special service called Hadar Taxi to return to the airport at a fixed and low price.
Hadar Taxi

Moovit App – for buses and trains

Like anywhere unfamiliar, traveling in Israel using public transport can be confusing. But worry not — an app called Moovit provides accurate bus and train schedules, plus directions and routes to make your travel experience as smooth and easy as possible.

To access the Moovit App directly, use the link below:

App Store
Google Play

How to use the Bus in Israel

If you plan on using buses or trains, you'll need to purchase a RavKav card (available at the airport or in the train stations) and load some money on it using the RavKav app on your phone.

Buses in Tel Aviv do not run on Shabbat. Transportation services end on Friday mid-afternoon and resume on Saturday night (depending on the time of year and the start and end times of Shabbat). A “Sherut” (in Hebrew ‘monit sherut’) is a shared taxi, typically seating eight to ten people. The “Sherut” services operate on Shabbat.


Bike rental

Tel Aviv has joined the revolution sweeping all the world’s greatest cities – bike rentals! The Tel Aviv bicycle rental scheme is called Tel-O-Fun which is run by the city’s municipality. Designed for residents, the bike scheme is great for tourists. You can pick up a bike from a point in one part of the city, and drop it off on the other side of town. The way it works is simple. Users sign up via Internet, toll-free phone number (*6070) or visiting City Hall.